Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We've Moved

New editions of The South Dakota Rancher Newsletter have been pretty scarce since 2008. Unfortunately, things change and the newsletter had to take a little hiatus to make room for new responsibilities. However, I think I am in a position now to continue publishing the newsletter on a monthly basis so you can stop sending hate mail referencing the absence of new material.

Additionally, the SDR will no longer be available in paper copy. I have decided to go to a blog format which hopefully will cut down on hassle and increase time to think up new stuff. At some point I may go to a full website, but I think there needs to be around 2,500 readers before that cost and hassle can be justfied and readership was only about 65% of that in 2007. So this will have to do for now.

So enjoy the new format, material, etc.

As always, if you have comments, send them my way, the good, the bad, and keep the ugly to a minimum.


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